Current thesis

  • Ph. D. (in progress)
    • Miguel Hinojosa, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, “Metaheuristics applied to systems identification, digital signal and image processing”.

  • Master’s degree (in progress)
    • Diego David Avalos de la Torre, Tecnologico de Monterrey,  Campus Guadalajara, “Solar cells design using an improved evolutionary algorithm”.
    • Gustavo Hernandez, Universidad de Guadalajara.

Thesis completed

  • Master’s degree
    • Itzel Navarro Aranguren, Universidad de Guadalajara (July 2018)
    • Sara Esquivel, Universidad de Guadalajara (August 2018)



I’m able to advise (or co-advice) Masters degree and Ph. D. thesis.  Just ask me.


Open Vacancies (2018) at Universidad de Guadalajara :