Special Issue in Entropy in Metaheuristics and Bioinspired Algorithms

Journal of Entropy (ISSN 1099-4300). 2019 Impact Factor: 2.419 (Journal Citation Reports)


Dear Colleagues,

Metaheuristics and bioinspired algorithms are used in different fields of science and technology. They are important optimization tools that commonly are based on populations to explore the solutions to complex problems. Different methods are also used for the classification of approximation using different learning rules extracted from nature.

Entropy is a powerful tool that has changed the analysis of information. The use of entropy has been extended in metaheuristics and bioinspired algorithms from measuring uncertainty to helping to explore and exploit search spaces in optimization. Different kinds of entropy are used depending on what is required. Moreover, in the information era, it is necessary to use metaheuristics and bioinspired methods to provide accurate solutions to complex problems. Hybrid algorithms are also important; they merge skills from different approaches and make decisions based on different rules to accurately explore the possible solutions.

Since the fields of metaheuristics and bioinspired algorithms are constantly growing, it is complicated to follow all the branches where they are combined with entropy. Considering the above, this Special Issue aims to present the latest advances in metaheuristics and bioinspired algorithms that employ or solve problems where entropy is included. It also seeks to include literature reviews and surveys on related topics.

Dr. Diego Oliva
Dr. Salvador Miguel Hinojosa Cervantes
Guest Editors

More information: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/entropy/special_issues/entropy_Algorithms