Full funded Ph. D. Positions

Universidad de Guadalajara (Mexico)

Centro Universitario de Ciencias Exactas e Ingenierias


I am looking for enthusiastic doctoral candidates to be involved in the following programs:

  • Doctorate in Electronic Engineering and Computer Sciences. 
  • Doctorate in Computational Intelligence

These Ph. D. programs are part of the Universidad de Guadalajara in Mexico. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in mathematics, optimization and  Matlab programming. Also, its interests should be related to the following research areas:

  • Evolutionary and swarm algorithms.
  • Hybridization of evolutionary and swarm algorithms.
  • Hyperheuristics.
  • Computational intelligence.
  • Application of evolutionary and swarm algorithms in:
    • Image processing.
    • Medical image processing.
    • Computer vision.
    • Renewable energies.
    • Machine learning.
    • System identification.

The programs belong to the PNPC, so the admitted students can apply for a full fellowship of CONACYT.

The next admission is in August 2023; for that reason, it is necessary to start the selection process as soon as possible.

More information:

Dr. Diego Oliva,

Department of Computer Sciences,

Centro Universitario de Ciencias Exactas e Ingenierias

Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico.

doliva(at)ucm.es, diego.oliva(at)cucei.udg.mx