Analysis of bioactive amino acids from fish hydrolysates in Scientific Reports (NATURE)


Analysis of bioactive amino acids from fish hydrolysates with a new bioinformatic intelligent system approach

The current economics of the fish protein industry demand rapid, accurate and expressive prediction algorithms at every step of protein production especially with the challenge of global climate change. This help to predict and analyze functional and nutritional quality then consequently control food allergies in hyper allergic patients. As, it is quite expensive and time-consuming to know these concentrations by the lab experimental tests, especially to conduct large-scale projects. Therefore, this paper introduced a new intelligent algorithm using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system based on whale optimization algorithm. This algorithm is used to predict the concentration levels of bioactive amino acids in fish protein hydrolysates at different times during the year. The whale optimization algorithm is used to determine the optimal parameters in adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system. The results of proposed algorithm are compared with others and it is indicated the higher performance of the proposed algorithm.

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